Doctor, should I be concerned about lead in my lipstick?

How much lead should be allowed in lipstick? Is there reason for concern?

Medical A-Teamer, Dr. Marc Siegel gives us his opinion:

1 - Reports of lead in lipstick trace to the 1990s. In 2007 the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics found that 2/3 of the lipstick tested contained lead. Now a new federal analysis has found that 400 shades of popular lipstick contain lead, with 5 types made by Maybelline in the top 10 offenders. The average lead contamination amount is 1.11 ppm.

2 - Lipstick has previously been found to contain (in one third) more lead than the FDA allows in candy. But the FDA doesn't think candy to lipstick is fair, because we ingest candy.

3 - The amount in lipstick is highly variable and some women wear it day and night and continue to apply coats - what is the cumulative effect?