Monday February 13, 2012 Happening Now

Good Morning!

Busy day!

Today the President delivers his budget to Congress. It's already being met with derision by the GOP. We will likely take his comments live.

1100EST -- POTUS delivers remarks to students on his 2013 budget at Northern VA Community College. Annandale, VA. POOL LIVE

Out of the President we'll talk with Karl Rove and Republican Senator Barrasso of Wyoming (Barrasso is part of a news conference on the budget by the GOP at 1:30)

A somber Grammy's last night. Adele took home most of the big prizes. Jennifer Hudson turned it out in a tribute to Whitney Houston.

Houston died over the weekend in a hotel room at the Beverly Hills Hilton. Her daughter also rushed to the hospital, but was later released. Bobby Brown cancelled a concert to return to L.A. to be by his daughter's side.

Casey Stegall today is covering the investigation into Houston's death. Claudia Cowan has music industry reaction. Lauren Green on reaction in Houston's hometown of Neward, NJ.

Syria continues to brutally suppress its own people.. The Arab League finally giving up on trying to "monitor" the country. Apparently the U.N. considering sending in an Arab peacekeeping mission? Syrian rebels reportedly repelling a push by Syrian troops to retake the city of Rastan.

We're now getting reports Iran is amassing a huge fleet of small boats in the Persian Gulf capable of carrying out "suicide missions." The *U.S. Coast Guard* is involved!

The GOP candidates are all over today. It was a good weekend for Mitt Romney who won both the Maine caucuses and the CPAC straw poll. Newt Gingrich is in CA, Paul in TX, Romney in AZ and Santorum is in WA state.

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