Stalker Valentine’s Day card criticized

DALLAS - A Valentine’s Day card that mentions the word stalker is drawing a lot of criticism. There’s even an online petition to have it removed from store shelves, My Fox Dallas-Fort Worth reports.

A North Texas woman going by the name of Tina said when she first saw the controversial card she couldn’t believe it. It says in bold white letters on a red background, “Stalker is a harsh word.” Inside it says, “I prefer valentine.”

Stalker Valentine’s Day Card Criticized:

“This is not funny. And it’s definitely not romantic,” said Tina, who was once the victim of a stalker. “The fear is that you’re going to be attacked, be hurt, be raped. You fear for your life.”

The card is in stark contrast to other Valentine's Day cards. There are no flowery scripts and no funny cartoons. And there’s an online petition asking retailers such as Target to pull it from shelves.

Domestic violence experts called the link drawn between stalker and romance more than insensitive.

“Possibly dangerous. It’s encouraging for someone who is a stalker who doesn’t take their behavior seriously, who thinks what they’re doing is just fine,” said Paige Flink of The Family Place.

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