Monday February 6, 2012 Happening Now

Another big day of politics. Tomorrow Minnesota, Missouri and Colorado all hold their caucuses. We'll take a closer look at those races and what it means to the race for the White House.

Nevada Republicans early this morning released the final results from Saturday's caucuses. Mitt Romney easily won with a final of 50%.

It was a big win for Romney.. and gives him more momentum.

Newt Gingrich has events in Golden, CO today. Ron Paul is in St Cloud, MN. Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum are in Denver.

President Obama gave a fascinating interview to Matt Lauer. He talked about Iran and said all options are still on the table. He also said Israel hasn't made a decision about whether or not to attack Iran's nuclear program. We'll ask Congressman Mike Rogers about that.

Josh Powell and his two young sons were killed when police say he intentionally blew up his home. He recently lost a custody case. You'll remember his wife went missing in Utah two years ago. Dan Springer is on the story.

Syria launching a major offensive on the city of Homs today.. rockets and artillery being used against civilians.. reports of multiple casualties.

A 6.8 earthquake hit the Philippines overnight.. more than a dozen are dead.

The Queen of England celebrates 60 years on the throne today.

Speaking of the Queen! NY Giants won the Super Bowl as you all know.. but Madonna turned it out at halftime.. long live Her Madgesty!

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