Dad delivers baby on San Diego freeway

A man delivered his new son early Monday as cars sped by on a San Diego freeway.

Nicole Reynolds' water broke Sunday night, two weeks ahead of her due date, the San Diego Union-Tribune reported.

En route to the hospital, she and 31-year-old husband Aaron Reynolds realized their car was out of gas.

Aaron Reynolds pulled into a gas station and told a cashier he needed $20 worth of gas. "I only pumped $10, and it was time to go," he said. "She's in there moaning and groaning."

They continued to the hospital, but Nicole Reynolds couldn't wait. Her husband recalled, "She said, 'I have to push. I have to push. Pull over!'"

He pulled over onto the shoulder of Interstate 15 and called 911 as his 30-year-old wife was "screaming at the top of her lungs," he told the Union-Tribune.

He spoke to a 911 dispatcher on speakerphone and delivered a seven-pound, eight-ounce boy at 12:50am. Paramedics eventually arrived and took the baby and parents to the hospital.

"It was beautiful how everything fell into place," Aaron Reynolds said hours later at the hospital. "The shock hasn't worn off yet."