Woman read Bible for more than an hour to attacker who had just slashed her throat

A North Carolina woman read the Bible for more than an hour to a man who had slashed her throat, while he held a knife to her neck.

Lindsay Wood, 32, and her 15-year-old son had returned to their Shelby, N.C., home after attending church Wednesday night when the man attacked Wood as her son collected a trash can from outside, the Shelby Star reported.

For more than an hour, her son hid outside while Wood read Scriptures to the attacker and told him about her church, before he apologized and fled, WCNC-TV, reported.

"She even invited him to her church," a police spokesman said. "He kept saying he was sorry, and then walked away."

The woman was rushed to the hospital and required 25 staples in a wound to her neck.

Wood's mother Jane Hamrick said of her daughter, "She doesn't judge people. She doesn't criticize people. She's a unique person."

Hamrick added, "She was doing what her faith led her to do. This is a testimony to the person she is and the faith that she has."

Wood is recovering after undergoing surgery, while police are still hunting the attacker.