Authorities have yet to file charges in the alleged murder of marketing executive Jana Bashara, who police say was found strangled last week inside her luxury car on Detroit's East Side. 

Joseph Gentz, 48, allegedly told authorities that he was paid to kill Bashara and that the woman's husband was also involved in the crime.

Bob Bashara, 54, has been named a "person of interest" in the case, but maintains his innocence. Authorities said Bashara failed a police-administered polygraph, but the man's attorney claims he passed an independent polygraph given at the lawyer's office. 

As of Friday morning, no criminal charges have been filed in the case, Fox affiliate WJBK-TV reported.

Jane Bashara was found strangled Jan. 25 inside her Mercedes-Benz in an alley on Detroit's East Side, about eight miles from the upscale Grosse Pointe Park home she shared with her husband and children. Police have said they believe she was killed inside her home. 

Bob Bashara reported his 56-year-old wife missing at around 11:30 p.m. on Jan. 24 after he claims she failed to return home.

The woman's coworkers reportedly said she was last seen Tuesday after a meeting at Detroit Edison's downtown headquarters.

Meanwhile, reports surfaced this week that a "sex dungeon" was discovered in the basement of a property owned by Bob Bashara. The alleged room, filled with whips, chains and a bed, sits beneath the Hard Luck Lounge in Grosse Pointe Park, the station reported.  

The Detroit Free Press reported Thursday that Bob Bashara was working at the Hard Luck Lounge around 5 p.m. on the night his wife was last seen. 

A man -- who one witness said resembled Gentz -- met Bashara at the bar at around 7:30 p.m., a source told the newspaper. 

WJBK reported that Gentz cashed a $452 check from Bashara's company, B & B investments, a day after his wife's body was found. 

Bashara's attorney, meanwhile, claims Gentz's account of the killing is inconsistent and "something out of cheap pulp fiction," according to the Detroit Free Press. 

On Thursday, investigators could be seen hauling items taken from the Bashara home into the Grosse Pointe Park Police Department. The potential evidence included a computer and two hard drives, according to WJBK. 

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