Monday January 30, 2012 Happening Now

Showdown in the sunshine state.

Tomorrow is the Florida primary!

Mitt Romney seems to be on a roll.. most polls have him ahead in Florida. Two well-received debate performances in Florida are helping. We'll take a look at what we can expect from FL tomorrow. Don't forget that no matter what happens in Florida, there's lots of other states' battles ahead. Romney and Gingrich campaigning today in Florida. Ron Paul has no public events.

New USA Today/Gallup polling of swing states has Romney in a virtual tie with President Obama.

Senate will take a key test vote today on the STOCK act.. which would ban insider trading by members of Congress.

There's a hearing into whether the U.S. is prepared for a possible oil spill from CUBA drilling.

Pentagon preparing for new talks with Iraq about long term security in the region. Iraq is reportedly not happy with U.S. drones flying over their country.

New reports that the U.S. is mulling making bigger bombs that could reach buried nuke sites in Iran.. this as we get word the U.S. is remaking a Navy ship to be a floating SEAL launching base in the Persian Gulf..

Occupy Wall Street protests in Oakland turned violent again over the weekend.

Facebook will file for an IPO as soon as this week.. that should be interesting!

Big week of earnings reports.

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