Friday January 27, 2012 Happening Now

Good Morning!

Florida is turning out to be a fascinating primary. Great debate last night. Romney and Gingrich spent most of the night attacking each other. Analysts say Mitt Romney brought his A game. Ron Paul and Rick Santorum also strong. Most political prognosticators think Newt Gingrich didn't have such a great night. One great moment (pointed out by Jenna Lee last night) was when Ron Paul (76) challenged the other candidates to a 26 mile bike ride! Lots of fodder here for today.

The candidates are all in Florida today with the exception of Ron Paul who is campaigning in Maine. Rick Santorum is headed home to PA later today.

President Obama is in Michigan, Maryland and DC today. He's pushing colleges to reduce tuition costs.

We get 4th quarter GDP numbers at 8:30, and consumer sentiment at 9:55. Probably worth getting a biz reporter.

Two spans of a KY bridge collapsed after being hit by a cargo ship.. good stuff for Folbaum.

Day of rage today across the Mideast.. pay special attention to Syria where it's been an especially bloody day.

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