Thursday January 26, 2012 Happening Now

Good Morning!

Florida's primary turning into a 2 man slugfest. Money is pouring into TV ads there. Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich campaigning in the state today. There is *another* debate tonight! Should be interesting.

President Obama is in Nevada. He'll deliver remarks today at 1pm on jobs and energy in Las Vegas. Then it's on to Colorado and Michigan.

Interesting story out of Arizona last night when there was some kind of confrontation between the President and Arizona Governor Jan Brewer.

VP Biden speaks at 11am in Rochester, NY about jobs and education.

We get new numbers on housing today and weekly unemployment. Couple of other headlines: Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner says he doesn't expect to be asked to stay in a second Obama term, Foreclosures made up 20% of home sales in the third quarter, and U.S. taxpayers are still owed more than 132 billion dollars from the bailouts.

Today the Senate is expected to vote down a symbolic resolution objecting to the hike in the debt ceiling. This means the debt ceiling gets raised to $16.4TRILLION. No more votes till after the election.

We're getting new details on the plan to cut Pentagon spending. We'll talk to a guest about what it all means.

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