Monday January 23, 2012 Happening Now

What a wild news weekend! Newt Gingrich throws a curve ball in the race for the White House, Gabby Giffords resigns and Joe Paterno passes away.. Oh and I think there was a few football games?

Huge victory for Newt Gingrich is South Carolina on Saturday. Now on to Florida.. which suddenly gets very interesting. Expect a vicious battle now between Romney and Gingrich. Keep in mind Florida voters already casting absentee ballots. The candidates all have events in Florida today (except Ron Paul).

Breaking right now.. a series of tornadoes in Arkansas and Alabama being reported. Tennessee and Mississippi also dealing with severe weather.

Joe Paterno passed away. There was a well attended candlelight vigil last night. David Lee Miller on that story.

Today Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords will finish the meeting halted by a crazed gunman a year ago.. She will hold a meet and greet today with some of those who were in Tucson that day when six were killed. Giffords announced yesterday she is resigning her seat in Congress to focus on her recovery.

The European Union signing off on an embargo of Iranian oil.. not likely to ease tensions in the middle east. Meantime, the aircraft carrier U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln and its battle group passed through the Strait of Hormuz without incident.. So much for Iran's threats.

Huge gathering this week of business leaders in Davos, Switzerland.. Occupy Wall Street protesters there too.. (building igloos!?).

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