Happening Now - January 20th, 2012

Rachel is in for Clint today. It's going to be another busy day...

There were fireworks at the debate last night, Newt Gingrich getting attention for his attack on the first question being about his ex-wife's accusations. Mitt was booed over refusing to release his tax returns before tomorrow's primary. A big push from all the candidates as it's the final full day of campaigning before tomorrow's voting. We have lots of guests and reporters to hash it out with us.

A NATO helicopter crashed in Afghanistan killing 6 US marines. The cause is under investigation. The Taliban claims its fighters shot down the craft, but the ISAF says there was no apparent enemy activity in the area at the time.

The wrecked cruise ship shifted again halting rescue operations. Now there are fears that the ship COULD be slipping off the reef and that too much movement would cause a massive fuel spill.

Nevada's governor has declared a state of emergency due to wildfires burning near Reno. 10,000 people forced to evacuate their homes, more than 200 firefighters on the scene.

France coming down hard on Iran's rogue nuke program. President Sarkozy asking the EU to impose an oil embargo. In addition - Iran is cracking down hard on toy shops-closing dozens of them for selling Barbie dolls.

Inspectors have confirmed that Qaddafi had a stockpile of chemical weapons.

It's finally winter in the northeast. Snow is coming -- Janice Dean the weather machine is here to tell us where and how much.