Wednesday January 18, 2012 Happening Now

Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Rick Perry, and Rick Santorum are all campaigning today in South Carolina. Gingrich has gotten away from attacking Romney over his time at Bain. The latest line of attack on Romney is his statement yesterday that he paid about 15% in income tax. He says he will release his tax return. Meantime, there is quite a fight going on between Gingrich and Santorum.. each claiming the mantle of "true conservative." Ron Paul is returning to DC today to vote against a debt ceiling increase request.

At Noon, the House is expected to take up a "resolution of disapproval" for the President's request to raise the debt ceiling.

New Washington Post polling today shows voters are sharply divided over President Obama's 1st term. 48% approval, 48% disapproval.. Many voters say not much has changed and their personal fortunes have dropped.

Several big websites are lodging complaints against potential online piracy legislation in Washington today including Wikipedia and Reddit. Google will have a black censor bar over its logo.

The search for survivors on that crippled sunken cruise ship off the coast of Italy turning grim today. It is bitterly cold and the seas are rough again.. as hope fades of finding more survivors. The ship has shifted and the hunt for survivors has been suspended. 11 are dead. 24 are unaccounted for right now. Meantime, a Dutch salvage ship is preparing to pump out the Costa Concordia's fuel. Check out the front page of the NY Post today calling the captain "THE CHICKEN OF THE SEA." Ouch.

A massive storm is slamming Seattle right now. 5 inches expected today alone. Dan Springer reporting for us on the wild weather.

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