Tuesday January 17, 2012 Happening Now

Quite a Fox News debate last night! Crowd was fired up. Hosts were on point, and candidates were not holding back any punches. Good TV. We'll take a closer look today.

All the candidates are in South Carolina campaigning today. John Roberts and Carl Cameron on top of it.

We are continuing our investigation into Super Pacs today, but will wait until we can work through our research before tackling tomorrow.

The House is back in session today.. Senate still in pro forma session.

Divers off the coast of Italy are blowing holes in that sunken cruise ship today.. trying to find the 29 people who are still missing. Six confirmed dead. The stories are heartbreaking and frightening. We'll hear a few more today, and talk with Peter Goelz as they recover the second black box from the ship.

Take a look the AP story on The U.S. Border Patrol.. reportedly overhauling its approach to people crossing the border illegally.

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