Friday January 13, 2012 Happening Now

Happy Friday the 13th!

The battle for the GOP nomination continues. Most of the candidates are either in South Carolina or in Florida today. During our hours: Newt Gingrich is opening a campaign HQ in Orlando, Florida, Rick Perry attends a meet and greed in Bluffton, SC, Mitt Romney holding a rally in Aiken, SC, and Rick Santorum holding a meet and greet in York, SC.

The Wall Street Journal has an investigative piece today taking Newt Gingrich to task for his work for Credit Suisse. Gingrich, meantime, continues to target Mitt Romney though the Washington Post reports he's toned down the attacks on the front-runner. The New York Times reporting Super PACs are allowing the rest of the GOP field to continue campaigning when in the past they might not have been able to raise enough money. Lots to talk about.

The President is requesting another increase in the debt ceiling.

The U.S. embassy is warning U.S. citizens of a possible terror attack in Bangkok. Hopefully we can get a reporter to investigate.

New reporting in the New York Times today suggests the Obama administration has opened a private line to the Iranians.. in order to warn them they are approaching a "red line" over threats to close the Strait of Hormuz. It comes as we get word Iran *may* now let in some U.N. nuke inspectors. Meantime at a news conference in Ecuador, Ahmedinejad says "everyone knows Iran is not trying to produce a nuclear weapon." Really?

The Taliban says despite outrage over an alleged video showing Marines desecrating the body of an Afghan, peace talks will continue.

New report out today on the collapse of the housing bubble. Some disturbing new details on high-ranking officials ignoring warnings.

Apple disaster in China where the launch of the new iPhone had to be delayed.

Heather Locklear hospitalized!

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