Thursday January 12, 2012 Happening Now

Lots going on today.

The Republican candidates are making appearances all over South Carolina today as we look forward to the primary there on January 21st. Interestingly both Romney and Ron Paul are also making appearances in Florida today. Florida's primary is not until January 31st, but hundreds of thousands of ballots have already been mailed and many in Florida will send them in early.

Here's what's Happening during our show with the candidates:


1200EST -- Attends Palmetto Senior Show at the SC State Fair Grounds, Columbia, SC. LIVE via LiveU


1200EST -- Attends meet and greet at Duke's Barbecue, Orangeurg, SC. LIVE via LiveU


1200EST -- Holds rally at the Palm Beach County Convention Center, West Palm Beach, FL. WSVN LIVE


1200EST -- Holds rally at the Westin Hilton Head, Hilton Head, SC. LIVE via LiveU

There are a couple of important economic numbers out today. RealtyTrac is reporting the number of foreclosures were down 34% in 2011, but the firm is also predicting foreclosure rates will increase again this year. We get weekly unemployment numbers this morning. And let's remember to keep the plight of the "middle class" front and center in our thoughts over the next few weeks.

The New York Times today reporting on the covert war being waged against Iran. Bombings, assassinations, cyberattacks and defections all being used against Iran already. The U.S. has strongly denied any involvement in the killing of a nuke scientist yesterday (see Hillary Clinton's comments), but someone is waging a not so subtle campaign against Iran.

Syria getting closer to a civil war. Bashir Assad seems increasingly desperate. Now a French journalist has been killed and the world is demanding answers.

We're also closely watching developments in Pakistan where some kind of internal struggle is underway.

It was two years ago today that a massive Earthquake destroyed much of Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

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