Wednesday January 12, 2012 Happening Now

Big win last night in New Hampshire for Mitt Romney. Ron Paul had a strong #2 showing with Jon Huntsman rounding out the top three. No one is getting out of the race.

Now it's on to South Carolina..No candidate has won the GOP nomination without winning the Palmetto State. Some will likely not make it out of South Carolina. The SC Primary is on Saturday January 21st.

President Obama is expected to speak at 12:15 from the East Room of the White House on "Insourcing American Jobs."

In Iran, another nuclear scientist has been killed. This time in a car bombing. Interesting timing.

A former Arab League observer is calling the mission in Syria a "farce." New violence today in the 10-month-old military crackdown on protests.

North Korea is accusing the United States of "politicizing" food aid. Not a great sign in our quest for better relations with the new heir there.

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