Tuesday January 10, 2012 Happening Now

Good Morning!

The nation's first Primary is today! New Hampshire votes today. Some districts are already open, and some polling places stay open until 8pm. All the candidates are in New Hampshire at various events today except for Rick Perry who remains focused on South Carolina.

It got really ugly, really fast in New Hampshire. Yesterday was especially toxic. Mitt Romney taking a lot of heat over his time at Bain Capital. Other candidates using comments Romney made on the trail yesterday(out of context?) to really hammer the former Governor of MA. The latest polling suggests Romney will still take NH, but Jon Huntsman may have some momentum. If Huntsman can somehow take number 2 it could have a big affect on the race. Gingrich, Paul and Santorum all could make a strong play in the Granite state as well. We'll be following every step of this fascinating Primary.

Rick Santorum is our guest today. We'll also talk with Romney Surrogate and former New Hampshire Governor John Sununu, Bret Baier and many others about New Hampshire and beyond.

We'll also take some questions from viewers for a Town Hall USA on New Hampshire (and beyond). Log on to now and click on the "America's Asking" tab to weigh in.

In other news,

The New Jersey Assembly's top Republican passed away at the Statehouse last night.

Syria's president says he will not step down despite the growing rebellion he's facing.

Terrorists tried to storm a government building in Afghanistan.

Supreme Court could make some rulings today.

Fitch has issued a credit warning to several countries in Europe.

Iran's Ahmedinejad meeting with Hugo Chavez in Venezuela. The not-so-dynamic duo will travel to Nicaragua together today for the inauguration of newly re-elected President Daniel Ortega. Chavez laughing at U.S. concerns "When we devils get together ... it's like they go crazy." We'll see if Ambassador Bolton thinks it's quite so funny.

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