Thursday January 5, 2012 Happening Now

Busy day today.

At 10:50 President Obama holds a news conference at the Pentagon along with Defense Secretary Panetta and General Jack Dempsey. They will outline the results of a study of the security challenges facing the U.S. post-Iraq and while Afghanistan fighting goes on. We can expect to hear about cuts.

At 11am The Brookings Institution hosts Richard Cordray - newly recess-apointed Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. That recess appointment yesterday is a growing controversy.. We'll talk to Senator Bob Corker about it today.

Newt Gingrich, Jon Huntsman, Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum all hold events in New Hampshire today. The attack ads are already running. It's going to be a very exciting couple of weeks on the campaign trail. Larry Sabato has his crystal ball for us today. Scott Rasmussen has new polling for us today. We also look ahead to South Carolina which will give us a much better idea of who the potential candidate will be..

Six anti-drug policemen were shot by a suspect when they tried to serve an arrest warrant in Utah..

There's been a series of bombings in Baghdad that have killed more than 2 dozen people. It may be sectarian violence again.

EU officials are trying to agree on an embargo of Iran's oil. This will raise the pressure on Iran, and could further intensify already irrational behavior by Iran. Jim Walsh will talk with us about it.

And an Oklahoma woman who shot an intruder while on the phone with 911 will *not* be charged. She called 911 when she noticed two intruders trying to break in. While on the phone with 911, she asked if she could shoot them. The 911 operator said "do what you have to do to protect yourself." One intruder was shot and killed, the other fled and was arrested.

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