Wednesday January 4, 2012 Happening Now

Good Morning!

What a crazy, late, fun night!

Mitt Romney wins Iowa caucuses by a tiny margin! Just 8 votes! Rick Santorum is the man of the hour.. he's now adding events in New Hampshire. Ron Paul finishes a respectable third. Rick Perry is headed home to Texas to "reassess" his campaign.. probably that means he's out (he's cancelled appearances today in SC). Michele Bachmann says she will continue on (but note she's skipping N.H.) Newt Gingrich will make a big play for South Carolina.. expect this campaign to get even uglier before it settles down. Gingrich lobbed some thinly-veiled bombs at Romney last night. Finally Jon Huntsman has been campaigning hard in NH.. so don't rule him out. John McCain expected to endorse Mitt Romney at some point today. Romney has an event in Manchester, NH during our show.

President Obama is giving a big speech today on the economy (timing probably not a coincidence!)

The man believed to have set all those fires in Southern California is in court today. William La Jeunesse on that story.

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