Tuesday January 3, 2012 Happening Now

Good Morning!

All eyes on Iowa today where the race for the White House officially kicks off with the caucuses beginning tonight at 7pm.

Most of the candidates are making their last minute pitches to voters in Iowa.. We'll talk with Michele Bachmann.

Mitt Romney says he will win in Iowa.. and beyond. He starts the day with a rally in Des Moines.

Ron Paul says his odds of winning are small, but he remains at the top of the polls in Iowa. He's in West Des Moines today.

Rick Santorum feeling the power of the surge today. His challenge remains beyond Iowa. He's at events in Iowa today.

Michele Bachmann is struggling in the latest polls and needs an Iowa boost.. She's campaigning in West Des Moines this morning, and will be on our show at 12:30.

Rick Perry has events in Des Moines today.. Drama over his campaign staffers infighting distracting him some lately.

Newt Gingrich will be in Muscatine and Burlington, IA today.

Jon Huntsman skipping Iowa altogether and campaigning today in New Hampshire.

President Obama is back from vacation in Hawaii - he arrives in DC this morning after an overnight flight. Probably no coincidence it's the same day as the caucuses in Iowa. He's ready to kick off his reelection bid. Remember there is also a Democratic caucus tonight in Iowa.

Please make sure we are soliciting lots of questions for our "America's Asking" panel.. today it's all about Iowa.. and the election!

The other big story so far this morning is renewed threats from Iran.. with Iran's Army chief saying a U.S. aircraft carrier (the USS John C Stennis) should *not* return to the Persian Gulf.. That carrier headed out of the Gulf last Tuesday. Iranian war games wrapped up today.

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