Monday January 2, 2012 Happening Now - HAPPY NEW YEAR

It's all about Iowa.

Gallup is calling the GOP primary the most volatile ever, and the first votes happen tomorrow!

We've got reporters all over Iowa. John Roberts is following the Romney campaign. Steve Brown covering the undecided voter.. and Shannon Bream and Carl Cameron also in Iowa for us.

New Des Moines Register polling has Romney at 24%, Paul at 22% and Santorum surging to number 3 at 15%. Gingrich Perry and Bachmann round out the bottom 3. But Santorum is clearly surging. And a whopping 41% say they could still change their minds. Lots to digest here.

Post Iowa, it seems like Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann will be moving on.. headed to South Carolina and skipping New Hampshire all together. Jon Huntsman is focusing all his energy in New Hampshire and will be there today as well.

Iran test fired two long range missiles during naval exercises in the Persian Gulf. It comes one day after Iran said it produced its first nuclear fuel rod.. an alarming development. It comes after a threat from Iran to close the Strait of Hormuz. Keep in mind economic sanctions are reportedly crippling Iran.

A big developing story in California.. Southern California is on high alert. There were at least 4 and maybe as many as 8 fires set overnight. Police do have a "person of interest", but there has been a string of dozens of fires since last week.. they are being called "domestic terrorism" and have resident on edge to say the least.

A manhunt is underway for 24-year-old Benjamin Colton Barnes.. police believe he is the shooter who gunned down and killed a park ranger at Mount Rainier National Park in Washington state. He is armed and dangerous.

Occupy Wall Street protesters are expected at the Rose Bowl parade today.. keep an eye on it.

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