Friday December 30, 2011 Happening Now

New polling out on Iowa today. It confirms trends we've been seeing with Ron Paul and Mitt Romney duking it out for 1st, Santorum surging and Gingrich's star fading. All the candidates have events in Iowa today except for Jon Huntsman. We have *both* Rick Santorum *and* Newt Gingrich on "Happening Now" today!

North Korea lashing out at South Korea today. Not a good development. The N Korean government apparently unhappy with South Korea's representation at the funeral ceremonies for Kim Jong Il. The North today saying the world shouldn't expect any thawing in relations.

There are new reports that Al Qaeda is recruiting in Libya. Reuters is reporting the Obama administration is considering releasing a Taliban leader in the hopes of spurring peace negotiations.

We also talk to Captain Chuck Nash today about the growing threat from Iran.. and its threat to close the strait of Hormuz. Things are becoming increasingly tense.

Opposition leaders in Syria calling for renewed protests today. Activists say 130 people have been killed *since* the Arab League started "monitoring" the Assad regime.

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