Female 'Robin Hood' Doles Out Cash to Kids After Robbing Bank

A Boston woman was undergoing psychiatric evaluation Thursday after she robbed a bank and attempted to give away the money to children at a park.

Jasmin Rivera, 30, was charged with armed robbery after she entered a Citizens Bank in Boston's Roxbury neighborhood Wednesday at around 3:00pm and told employees she had a gun, The Boston Globe reported.

According to the report, Rivera then jumped in a cab and after telling the driver of her recent heist, offered him a sizable tip if he agreed to chauffeur her to additional banks in the area.

But the woman's would-be spree came to an abrupt end when the driver opted to drop her off at a nearby park and flagged down police.

Responding officers then found Rivera handing out dollar bills to children in the park. Police did not say how much money she nabbed from the bank.

The female Robin Hood was ordered to undergo psychiatric evaluation during an arraignment Thursday. She is scheduled to appear in court again on Jan. 17.