Wednesday December 28, 2011 Happening Now

Less than a week to go to the Iowa caucuses! All the candidates are in the Hawkeye state campaigning today. (Newt Gingrich holding a town hall during our show in Mason City, IA) The next week is critically important to most of the candidates.. ‘do or die' important. Ron Paul has become the surprise frontrunner according to some polls.. Carl Cameron looks at the Ron Paul surge today. Rick Santorum has gained some ground too.. Still many there remain undecided.

Iran is escalating an already tense standoff with the West. Iran is threatening to block all oil shipments through the strait of Hormuz. If successful it would mean virtually no oil from the Mideast.. and threatens global economies. We'll ask Amb Bolton what it means.

We can also ask the Ambassador about the memorial funeral procession today for Kim Jong Il.. in the freezing cold.. lots of frozen tears today. Still looking for signs about N Korea's new leader Kim Jon Un.

Human Rights Watch says Syria is hiding prisoners from Arab League inspectors.

Former Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak back on trial today.

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