Wednesday December 21, 2011 Happening Now

Tens of thousands of mourners gathered in Pyongyang to mark the passing of Kim Jong Il. Various rumors beginning to surface about the circumstances of his death and who exactly is in power there..

It looks like payroll taxes will be going up in the New Year - along with the end of extended unemployment benefits.. The blame game is in high gear as most legislators leave town.. so who wins and who loses (besides taxpayers) in this battle? We'll talk with both sides.

Newt Gingrich speaking out about the relentless drumbeat of negative ads coming his way in Iowa.. it does seem like overkill.. but may be the wave of future.. We'll talk to Karl Rove about that.

Ginrich, Paul, Perry, Bachmann and Santorum are campaigning in Iowa. Romney is in NH.

Interstates in KS, NM, TX and CO are reopening after a major snowstorm.. Drifts as high as 10 feet being reported.

Stocks surging in Europe after moves by the banks over there.. we'll see if we get another pop in U.S. markets today.

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