The threat from North Korea weighing on many people's minds today. No one really knows what happens now over there.. but there are a lot of fears over the possible new leader Kim Jung Un. He's untested and widely believed behind acts of aggression before including the torpedoing of a South Korean ship. There are growing fears it could increase tensions with China. Right now it's "wait and see."

Leon Panetta told CBS last night that Iran is just 1 year away from a nuclear weapon. Not good news. He sounded very serious when he said the U.S. wouldn't let that happen. We may need to add a guest on this.

At just after 12 today the President and First Lady will hold another troop return ceremony. We will take this live.

1205EST -- POTUS & VPOTUS attend ceremony marking the return of US Forces - Iraq Colors. Joint Base Andrews, Hangar #3. LIVE

What a mess in DC. The House is not backing down.. Looks like the payroll tax cut extension may die there. Not great news for people getting a paycheck. Now the blame game begins in earnest.

Blizzards making a mess in several states including NM, TX, OK , KS and CO.

We're now tracking the candidates as they campaign all over.. New maps need to be added to our political coverage.