Monday December 19, 2011 Happening Now

Very busy news day!

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il is dead. Now we have a succession crisis in one of the most dangerous nations on earth. North Korea armed with nuclear weapons, it has an army of some nine and a half million people. It's people are starving. Japan and South Korea are now on high alert. Asian markets tanked. This is a big story.

New polling out of Iowa today spells out some troubling news for Newt Gingrich. A new poll shows he's dropped to third place among caucus-goers. Keep in mind that the attacks on him have been relentless. It may be leading to some changes in his strategy.

Ron Paul as the new frontrunner? It's a question sure to be asked today.

The last U.S. troops left Iraq yesterday. Pretty amazing turn of events.

Remember that "deal" reached over the weekend on extending payroll tax cuts and unemployment benefits for 2 months? It may be dead in the water. The House is threatening to kill it. So what's next?

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