Friday December 16, 2011 Happening Now

Lots going on today!

The big news is the GOP debate last night with some of the strongest performances we've seen so far. Gingrich took the brunt of the attacks, but handled himself pretty well. Romney held up well, but some analysis suggests he remains cautious. Michelle Bachmann and Ron Paul got into it pretty good. Bachmann also really hit Newt hard over Freddie/Fannie.

New AP polling on President Obama spells out his troubles.. 52% say he should be voted out of office. 43% say he should get another term. His approval rating hitting a new low.. just 44%.. 54% disapprove. He leads Mitt Romney by 1 point and Gingrich by 9 in head to head match ups.

In Congress today we should get new action on the spending bill. A government shutdown looks increasingly unlikely.. looks like we'll get a $1Trillion dollar spending package in the next 24 hours.

Lots of courtroom drama today:

Barefoot Bandit sentenced today.

Barry Bonds gets sentenced today.

2 men facing perjury charges in Sandusky scandal have a preliminary hearing.

Bradley Manning (allegedly leaked documents to Wikipedia) has a military hearing.

Millionaire murderer Bob Ward sentencing today.

And then there's the Long Island murders. Jenna's investigative work airs today. Suffolk County's top prosecutor dismisses the idea that the 10 bodies discovered are the work on 1 killer. That prospect was raised by the police commissioner.

Jenna takes an in depth look at the discovery of the body believed to be that of missing prostitute Shannan Gilbert in the 11am.. as we await official word from the autopsy report that it was her body police found.

In the 12pm.. Jenna has an package explaining where the other bodies in the case were found and why there remains so many unanswered questions.

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