Wednesday December 14, 2011 Happening Now

At the end of the 11am we have a live event at Fort Bragg with the President and First Lady. We'll be taking most of this.. Please build a detailed float page for this.

1155EST -- POTUS & FLOTUS make remarks to troops at Ft. Bragg about the end of the Iraq war. 440th Structural Maintenance Hangar, Ft. Bragg, NC. LIVE

New polling from AP, PPP and the Wall Street Journal on the 2012 race.. Lots of interesting stuff to discuss.

House in session today at 10am.. they are expected to vote on the $662B defense spending bill.. the White House has threatened to veto. Last night the House passed the GOP version of the payroll tax cut extension. The Senate says its DOA.

Senate expected to take up a balanced budget amendment.

FBI director going to get grilled today on the Hill at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing.

White House suggests 2.5M young adults have health insurance now thanks to the health care overhaul.

Police in Belgium say they've found the body of a woman at the home of that crazed gunman who killed 4 people with grenades.

Iran says it may move its nuke plants!

Elizabeth Taylor's jewels fetched 115 Million dollars in an auction last night.

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