Tuesday December 13, 2011

President Obama will making remarks at 11:25 today. Don't think we'll need to take live, but need to "show and go"

New polling out of Iowa today from the University of Iowa and the American Research Group.. both show Gingrich holding on to a lead in Iowa, but as expected the race there is tightening.

Both houses of congress will be taking up the payroll tax cut extension. One version will likely pass the House today but then will die (it includes a provision on the Keystone pipeline.

Commerce dept releases retail sales for November.. could give an early indication of how good the Christmas sales are.

Iran is refusing to return the captured U.S. drone despite a demand from President Obama.

Jerry Sandusky in court today for a preliminary hearing..

Two army helicopters crashed at a base in Washington.. 4 are dead. Investigation ongoing.

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