Wednesday December 7, 2011 Happening Now

New polling from the New York Times and CBS out of Iowa confirms the trend. Newt Gingrich the new frontrunner with Mitt Romney and Ron Paul taking two and three.

Today is the 70th anniversary of Pearl Harbor.. we've got a couple of reports.

I think we lead the 12 with William La Jeunesse.. He's previewing testimony from AG Eric Holder tomorrow on Capitol Hill.

Lots of live events for us to weave into our coverage today..

1100EST -- Rep Ryan holds presser on "a comprehensive Budget Process Reform package" with GOP Conference Chair Hensarling and several members of the House Budget Cmte. They will unveil a "series" of reforms entitled Repairing Washington's Broken Budget Process. LIVE

0930EST -- House Homeland Security Cmte Chair Peter King and Senate Homeland Security & Governmental Affairs Cmte Chair Lieberman hold joint hearing to investigative homegrown terror threats to military communities.

LIVE Catherine Herridge is covering for us.

1100EST -- Sentencing hearing for fmr IL Gov. Rod Blagojevich. Mike Tobin is on this story. We could get a sentence as soon as today! Blagojevich is scheduled to speak today.


Bachmann, Gingrich, Huntsman, Perry, Romney, and Santorum speak to the largest-ever gathering of Jewish Republican activists from around the country and taking audience questions at the Ronald Reagan Bldg and Intl Trade Center, Washington, DC. LIVE

0915EST -- Rick Santorum

0945EST -- Jon Huntsman

1010EST -- Mitt Romney


1200EST -- Addresses the RJC 2012 Gala Victory Luncheon at the Ronald Reagan Bldg and Intl Trade Center, Washington, DC. LIVE via LiveU. Let's put this in our lead in the 12..

1000EST -- Deputy Cmnder-Ops, US Forces Iraq, Lt. Gen. Frank Helmick briefs on current operations. Baghdad, Iraq. LIVE via DVIDS. Jennifer Griffin covering for us.

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