Former Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky was denied a coaching position at a Pennsylvania college last year after a routine background check revealed that he was being investigated on allegations of sexual abuse that was later detailed by a grand jury.

Sandusky applied for a volunteer coaching and consulting position for the football team at Juniata College in Huntingdon, PA back in May 2010 after the head coach urged the school to hire him. But it was during the background check that a red flag was raised when the existence of an investigation against Sandusky of sexual abuse allegations at Central Mountain High School, where he was volunteering.

“At the time, we did not know what the investigation was for,” said Juniata College spokesman John Wall told, “All we knew was that he [Sandusky] failed the background check and therefore we could not hire him.”

Soon after, officials at the college sent Sandusky a letter of rejection and urged the head coach to speak with him about the matter.

“This letter is to notify you that we are unable to make you an offer of volunteer employment based on our hiring criteria,” The letter read, “[redacted] ran a background check and discovered that Central Mountain High School, where you worked as a Volunteer Football Coach, is undergoing an investigation that prevents you from being eligible to work for their school. You failed to include this information on the background verification form that you filled out at the time of your interview.”

The alleged incident is noted in the grand jury indictment against Sandusky as occurring back in 2008 when the mother of a student at Central Mountain told authorities that her son had been sexually abused and sparked a probe against the former defensive coordinator.

This new information, that Sandusky was till pursuing coaching opportunities during an open investigation, comes as his attorney’s prepare for a preliminary court hearing early next week, where several victims may testify.

Sandusky is charged with 40 counts of child sex abuse involving eight young boys.

The Associated Press contributed reporting to this story.

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