Tuesday December 6, 2011 Happening Now

Packed show today. Lots of good guests!

President heads to Osawatomie, Kansas today where he gives a speech this afternoon. It's the same town in Kansas where President Theodore Roosevelt gave a famous "New Nationalism" address back in 1910. President Obama expected to echo the theme of the speech - economic fairness for the middle class.

Meantime the fight over the payroll tax raging on in Congress. If Congress does nothing both the payroll tax and extended unemployment benefits will expire.

We'll talk to a Democrat and Republican in the Senate to get their perspectives.

Newt Gingrich's surge intensifies. New Washington Post polling has him in the lead. Now he's got to get the cash and organization together to compete effectively. We'll talk to Karl Rove about that.

Rod Blogojevich's sentencing hearing begins today. He could get years behind bars.

Secy of State Hillary Clinton taking a tough stand on Russia saying its election was rigged. She's also warning Egyptians not to swing too far towards radical islam at the expense of democracy.

More bodies found in Syria.

At least two bombings have killed more than 50 in Afghanistan in coordinated attacks including inside Kabul.

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