Monday December 5, 2011 Happening Now

Let the games begin! Just four weeks to the Iowa caucuses!

Newt Gingrich meets with Donald Trump today in NYC. He also begins running his first ads in Iowa. New polling show he's picking up steam. He may also benefit from Herman Cain dropping out of the race. A new Des Moines Register polls has Gingrich in the lead there. Ron Paul is number two!!

Last night, six GOP candidates sat down for individual interviews with three attorneys general (from Florida, Virginia, and Oklahoma) in a Presidential forum on Huckabee's show. Might be good to mine for sound today. We'll talk with Ken Cuccinelli (AG from VA) about what he thought.

Pakistan is boycotting a big conference on the future of Afghanistan today. Hillary Clinton is there. As you know, they've also forced the U.S. to abandon a U.S. base inside Pakistan. How much worse could things get?

Iran is claiming it shot down a U.S. drone. The U.S. confirms a drone is missing. How big an escalation is this?

Big developments in Europe today as the leaders of France and Germany meet and deliver a plan to save the Euro. Meantime, the new Italian Premier is trying to sell a major austerity package to Parliament.

VP Biden is in Greece meeting with leaders there.

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