Friday December 2, 2011 Happening Now

Very busy day! We are packed with great guests, and there is a ton of news. Fasten your seatbelts.

At 11:10 The President will speak in Washington at the Transwestern building along with former President Bill Clinton. He is unveiling energy upgrades for buildings. He may also talk today's unemployment numbers and the failure of the Senate to pass an extension of the payroll tax cut. GOP and DEM versions of that extension failed last night. President was not amused. House expected to take it up next week. We'll talk to two Senators about why they voted no.

At 8:30am we get those unemployment numbers for November. Analysts are expecting unemployment rate to remain unchanged at 9% and about 125,000 new jobs.

The Senate also passed the massive defense bill last night.. a bill the President has threatened to veto.

There is a hearing at 10:30 am on the Keystone pipeline. Jim Angle covering.

Newt Gingrich is enjoying the spotlight telling a reporter yesterday he will get the nomination. The other candidates now focusing their fire on him. Politico reporting Gingrich's campaign staff is having trouble keeping up with his surge.

Herman Cain now saying his wife didn't know that he was giving money to the woman who claims they were having a 13 year affair. Cain has 1 campaign stop before he meets with his wife to discuss the allegations and decide on whether he'll continue his campaign.

Camp Victory in Baghdad closing for good today in Baghdad. There was an unofficial closing ceremony yesterday with VP Biden speaking. Def worth a hit if we can squeeze it in. Big moment. Within 3 weeks almost every single U.S. soldier in Iraq will be out.

Those Santa Ana winds really tearing apart Southern California. Worth a look from Janice Dean.

Clint Page Henderson

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