Wednesday November 30, 2011 Happening Now

President Obama has a very busy day. He's in Scranton, PA

today and then does several fundraisers tonight here in NYC (Gridlock alert!).

VP Joe Biden is still in Iraq visiting troops.

At 12:30 First Lady Michele Obama welcomes military families

to the White House to view the 2011 Christmas decorations.

Hillary Clinton is in Myanmar (Burma) for the first state

visit by a U.S. Secy of State in more than 50 years.

Lots going on on Capitol Hill today including the House

taking up a measure to honor Rep Gabrielle Giffords.. we should read that


Occupy protests in two big cities shut down overnight with

dozens of arrests in Philadelphia and Los Angeles.

William La Jeunesse has some new reporting today on "Fast

and Furious" - might be worth a lead.

Britain is withdrawing embassy personnel from Iran..

Turkey imposing more sanctions on Syria.

And Rick Folbaum has some new reporting for us on those rich

lottery winners!

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