Monday November 28, 2011 Happening Now

Lots going on today!

Keep a close eye on the markets. Remember last week was

terrible (Dow closed the week down close to 5%). But a *huge* Black

Friday has many analysts saying consumers are spending again.

The problem that won't go away, though, is Europe.

President Obama is hosting a summit with European Union

leaders today at the White House. You can bet the debt crisis is likely to be

at the top of the agenda.

Meantime, Italy's cost of borrowing up again, the

Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development is warning of economic

disruption, IMF denying it is readying a bailout for *Italy* and Moody's

is warning that all of Europe could lose access to credit!

Occupy Wall Street protests in L.A. and Philadelphia were

supposed to be cleaned out by now. Police haven't moved in just yet, but it's


A new ad out from the DNC accuses Mitt Romney of being a

flip-flopper using humor.

An influential local paper in New Hampshire has endorsed Newt Gingrich for the GOP

nomination for President.

Horrific new developments in the Syracuse University sex

scandal.. longtime asst coach Bernie Fine fired after new allegations come

to light. A third man has come forward claiming sexual abuse. And now new audio

is out suggesting Fine's wife knew "he was a sick man."

Egyptians taking to the polls in huge numbers today in their

first election since the ouster of fmr dictator Hosni Mubarak. Protests in

Tahrir Square remain huge.

The Arab League has voted in tough sanctions against one of

their own - Syria. It's an unprecedented show of just how bad the Syrian Assad

regime is treating its own people.

Protests continue in Pakistan against the United States

after NATO admitted an airstrike killed 25 Pakistani soldiers. Keep in mind,

NATO was responding to fire coming from the Pakistani side of the border. Now a

key supply line is cut off, and it's another blow to the fragile relationship

between the West and Pakistan.

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