Tuesday November 22, 2011 Happening Now

Lots of talk today about the repercussions of the super

committee's failure to come up with a deal. The president head's to New

Hampshire today to push for a renewal of payroll cuts and jobless benefits. He

says he will veto "any" effort to avoid the automatic cuts that go into effect

in the event of super committee failure.. It's going to be ugly, ugly, ugly on

Capitol Hill for a while. There is one spot of good news.. S&P does not

plan to downgrade U.S. debt!

Note live event:

1215EST -- POTUS makes remarks on the

American Jobs Act. Manchester High School Central, Manchester, NH. LIVE

Tents appear near site where students were pepper-sprayed in

Davis, CA.. as pressure increases on the Chancellor there..

Day 4 of massive protests in Tahrir Square in Cairo.. death

toll from police crackdown now at 29. Protesters want an end to military rule.

Iran says new sanctions will have no effects. This comes as

we get word of several U.S. spies being discovered by Hezbollah.. and possibly

Iran. We'll explore that with a guest.

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