Monday November 21, 2011 Happening Now

Another bomb plot targeting New York City has been foiled.

Jose Pimental accused of plotting to target New York police officers, returning

U.S. soldiers, and police stations and post offices.

Super committee not looking so super this morning. The

bipartisan group is expected to admit failure today. Now what? Legislators

expected to start scrambling to prevent automatic cuts including more than $450

billion to the Pentagon.

Keep an eye on markets today.. Asia and Europe are lower.

Growing fears of a global slowdown (though most U.S. readings have been better

than expected lately)

President Obama to sign a bill today that represents a rare

bright spot of bipartisanship .. jobs help for Vets. P.s.:


-- POTUS delivers remarks and signs legislation into law that will provide tax

credits to help put veterans back to work; FLOTUS, VPOTUS and Dr Biden also

attend. South Court Auditorium. LIVE

Mitt Romney picking up some key endorsements in New


Newt Gingrich unveiling new plan on entitlements like social

security today.

New Reuters polling showing Gingrich now the front runner

among likely GOP voters. Romney a close second. There's also an interesting new

poll out of Michigan showing Romney would beat President Obama in a head to

head matchup.

Violence spiraling in Cairo.. where at least 20 have been

killed. Protesters again trying to take over Tahrir Square.. upset that

military rule hasn't instituted more democratic reforms..

Violence also spreading in Syria amid the crackdown on

protesters there.. Some are now calling it "near civil war."

Richard Grenell has an editorial today on the failure of

diplomacy in Iran. He will join us live to discuss.

-- Clint Page Henderson

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