Customers Say Toy Baby Doll May Be Swearing

They may not know how to be potty-trained yet. But do they know how to have a potty mouth?

The 'You and Me Play and Giggle Triplets,' which are being sold exclusively at Toys R Us stores, are causing concern with some customers, who say one of the dolls can be heard emitting a phrase that apparently contains a curse word, MyFoxPhoenix reports.

Customers who were shown the baby dolls at an Arizona Toys R Us had mixed reactions on what the doll in question was saying.

“It just said how you doing witch!,” one shopper said. 

“It sounded like witch with a b to me!," another told MyFoxPhoenix.

"The dolls are sold nationwide and we're not receiving widespread complaints," a Toys R Us spokeswoman told Fox23. "As with many talking dolls, what you're hearing is baby babble."

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