Friday November 18, 2011 Happening Now

A new sex scandal embroiling yet another University sports

program this morning. Syracruse police are investigating child molestation

allegations against longtime assistant basketball coach Bernie Fine. He's been

put on administrative leave. Reports suggest two ball boys have come forward to

say he molested them.

Penn State, meantime, is facing a slew of lawsuits. And we

may be getting word soon on new victims.

Homicide detectives have

re-opened their investigation into Natalie Wood's

death almost 30 years after the she drowned in the waters off Southern


Congress passed a bipartisan spending bill last night that

funds the gov't through December... but the vote saw widespread defections by

republicans.. It also blocks administration attempts to serve healthier lunches

(pizza anyone?)

The House expected to vote on the balanced budget amendment


The news from the supercommittee is looking increasingly

grim. There are some reports members *may* work through the weekend.

New armed attacks against Syria's brutal Assad regime are

being reported. Some observers now predicting civil war there.

New research suggests Jupiter's moon Europa may contain a

huge body or bodies of water! Good reader.

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