Wednesday November 16, 2011 Happening Now

President Obama is in Australia where he announced a slightly expanded U.S. military presence. It’s raising some eyebrows in China.

Shots were fired at the White House.. apparently it happened Friday. One bullet was stopped by bullet proof window. Police looking for a


Congress will pass a bill today benefiting government contractors and vets.

White House coming under fire on a couple of points. Energy department emails suggest they wanted layoffs at Solyndra to be held off until

*after* the midterm elections. And Doug McElway is taking a closer look at green energy loans and subsidies to big money donors..

-- Clint Henderson

Today is one week until the deadline the super committee set to come up with a big bipartisan deal on debt and spending.. as the national

debt clock ticks towards 15 *trillion* dollars! Jeb Hensarling says the deficit cutting panel is not close to a deal. Talk is turning to moderating the “automatic” cuts that are supposed to take place.

In the Penn State abuse scandal there are several new developments. Assistant Coach Mike McQueary talked with CBS last night (briefly). New emails have come to light suggesting he *did* go to police after he caught Sandusky attacking a child in the showers. Meantime, there are new questions about just how many victims are involved, and about Penn State’s exemption from “open records” laws. We’ll tackle with a legal panel.

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