Tuesday November 15, 2011 Happening Now

Time is quickly running out for the super committee to forge

some kind of grand compromise on the budget and deficit. At 2:30 today Dems and

Republicans from the House and the Senate will hold a joint news conference

urging the Joint Select Committee to "go big." We'll talk to Senator Mark

Warner and Congressman Mike Simpson about the "go big" efforts.

The inspector general has launched an investigation into the

"Fast and Furious" scandal.. We'll talk to Congressman Darrell Issa about that.

Police swooped in and cleared Zuccotti Park and arrested 70

overnight. The Occupy Wall Street protesters had pledged to shut down Wall

Street today.

New York Times is reporting 10 more people have come forward

saying they were subjected to inappropriate touching from fmr Penn State

assistant coach Jerry Sandusky. He's already accused of molesting 8 boys. In an

interview with NBC last night, he says he didn't molest anyone, but admits to

"horseplay" with boys. We may add a legal panel in the 12 on this story.

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