NYPD Sends Elite Detectives to Occupy Wall Street Protest

The NYPD has moved three elite Manhattan homicide detectives and a deputy chief to the raucous Occupy Wall Street protest in response to a rash of sex attacks, thefts and vandalism -- including graffiti scrawled on the nearby 9/11 Memorial, The Post has learned.

The veteran detectives, normally assigned to Manhattan South, are now working cases at Zuccotti Park on an as-needed basis, law-enforcement sources said.

And NYPD brass assigned the Number 2 official in charge of the Organized Crime Control Bureau -- Deputy Chief Kevin Ward -- to work the troublesome 4 p.m.-to-midnight shift at the park, sources said.

Previously, high-ranking officials have worked daytime duty while lower-ranking officers manned the night shifts. The moves are part of a larger effort to beef up security at the park, normally patrolled by 1st Precinct cops.

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