Timeline of Attempted Call From Phone of Baby Lisa's Mother Raises Questions

Exclusive new details on phone call tied to missing Missouri baby


A source close to the missing baby Lisa Irwin investigation told Fox News’ "America Live" that the attempted phone call from the phone of Lisa's mother occurred just hours before the baby was discovered missing.

Someone tried to use Deborah Bradley’s phone to call a woman whose ex-boyfriend has a reported history of break-ins in the vicinity of the family's Kansas City home, according to police.

Megan Wright, who denies ever receiving the 50-second call, had said publicly that she believes the call was made at 8:30 p.m. that night. But the source said the call was made at 11:57 p.m., or about 20 minutes before a neighbor reportedly noticed a bald man with a baby near Lisa’s house.

Wright’s ex-boyfriend, known as “Jersey,” is bald and a handyman, whom she described as a drifter who would go door-to-door looking for work. He has since been interviewed by police and cleared of any involvement in the baby’s disappearance, Steve Young, a spokesman from the Kansas City Police Department, told

Wright, meanwhile, says she shared the phone with seven others and did not have the phone in her possession during the alleged call.

A resident from Wright's home contradicted her recollection, and said house members do not share phones. Both parents have said they were incapable of making the phone calls, reported.

Bradley and Jeremy Irwin reported their daughter missing Oct. 4 after Irwin returned home from work to find the girl missing from her crib.

The baby's parents have said they think the child was abducted overnight, while other members of the family slept inside their Kansas City home.