Happening Now, November 8, 2001

Fast and Furious, another Cain accuser, voting day in many states....lots to discuss today!

Attorney General Eric Holder will get some tough questions when he testifies before the Senate Judiciary Committee’s DOJ oversight hearing this morning. Expect lots of questions about Fast and Furious and other DOJ programs. We anticipate Sen. Grassley and Sen. Cornyn will grill him. If we don't take it live - we will at least replay some bits and pieces from the testimony.

Herman Cain is dismissing the allegations from Gloria Allred and Sharon Bialek.. Yesterday's press conference included some very graphic allegations. Cain saying they were completely fabricated. But despite the allegations - polls continue to show his support is high. Cain will hold a news conference later today.

America’s Newsroom will be talking with Allred and Bialek at 10am.. We will pull some sound from the interview and have a Cain campaign staffer react in the 12pm ET.

New USA Today/Gallup polling has Romney and Cain tied though it was taken *before* the latest allegations by Ms. Bailek.

Voters go to the polls in several states and districts in odd year elections today. Pay special attention to races in KY and MS where they will be voting on their governors. Another big issue on the ballot is the fate of a GOP-proposed law in Ohio restricting labor negotiations.

Coach Joe Paterno holds a news conference today. Expect lots of questions related to the accusations that fmr assistant coach Jerry Sandusky sexually abused boys under his care. Penn State VP Gary Schultz and Athletic Director Tim Curley are being released on bail. Schultz and Curley are accused of lying to a grand jury about the allegations.

Syria launches major offensive on Homs.. a hotbed for revolutionary fervor. Thousands have been killed by Syrian troops.