Happening Now - Monday, November 7, 2011

Clint is back! The team is here and ready for a big week.

Patti Ann Browne is on the breaking news desk.

2 high ranking Penn State administrators face arraignment

today on charges they lied to a grand jury looking for evidence against former

defense coordinator Jerry Sandusky.

The Conrad Murray jury continues deliberations today. We will have legal analysts discussing.

More aftershocks continue to rattle Oklahoma after a

moderate sized quake struck the state over the weekend (the biggest in the

state’s history). One aftershock caught on tape by a local station.

The President is meeting with veterans today.. trying to get

Congress to pass incentives to help get Vets work.

Asian markets are lower today. New chaos from Greece where it appears the Prime Minister will step aside and a new government will

be formed.. so far the bailout deal still in play.

Mitt Romney is in Iowa and Carl Cameron has a

spotlight piece.