Where the jobs are...

Need a job? Williston, ND is booming with opportunity. Unemployment is LESS than 1%.

Williston Mayor, Ward Koeser, joined us on the show today to explain that YES there are lots of great jobs with great benefits in his city. But before you come, make sure you have a place to live.

There are over 350 oil companies in the area and almost all of them are hiring. Contractors can't build housing fast enough to keep up with the demand. People are living in mobile homes, tents, and sometimes even their cars.

Mayor Koeser explained that at least 1,000 new homes will be completed this year - but that more need to be built.

Winter is harsh in North Dakota and living in your car is not an option.

Williston is hiring everything from fast food employees to policemen. To find out what opportunities are available go to the city's website: