Happening Now on Tuesday, Nov. 1st

The Herman Cain story continues to dominate political headlines. At 11am the National Association of Manufacturers hosts a forum for the candidates. It’s all about jobs and the GOP candidates’ messages on jobs. Everyone is there except Mitt Romney and Herman Cain. Carl Cameron covering. Rick Santorum is our guest today.

Big day in the manslaughter trial of Conrad Murray. We could see the final witness testimony today, and we’ll find out if Conrad Murray will take the stand.

There are still close to 2 million people without power in the Northeast after that snowstorm.

European markets tanking today after Greece made a surprise decision to call a referendum on last week’s bailout package. We'll keep a close eye on the markets today.

Breaking news at the top of the 12. CDC will report at noon that deaths from prescription drugs are reaching “epidemic” levels. John Roberts is on it and will break the news for us.

Reuters has some exclusive reporting today on Obama Administration planning for possible withdrawal from Afghanistan as soon as 2014… Amb Bolton joins us to discuss it.